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Respacks contain multiple songs and sometimes images.

Madeon - Adventure

The best huesworthy tracks from Madeon's Adventure.



Top picks from deadmau5's While(1<2).



Celebrating Best Idol with the oldest SparkyRailgun respack around.



Respacks with a single track in them.


Take a journey with Rick Deckard as he uncovers the truth behind his identity.


Fellow Feeling

Explore a world tainted by the formulas of EDM.


Seven Nation Army

Take to the trenches of WW1 with The Glitch Mob and The White Stripes.


Tokyo Drift

Do you know how they live in Tokyo? I've heard it's Fast and Furious.


Mr. Skeltal

Enjoy the anthem of the Peaceful Skeleton Realm and feel the spook.


Paul Walker

Celebrating the life of Brian O'Conner.


Spark in the Dark

Multi-track drifting down the frets of an electric guitar.


0x40 Hues

SparkyRailgun Respack Directory

A collection of hosted respacks by SparkyRailgun for your viewing pleasure.

0x40 Hues is an anime-themed music visualiser, utilising a beatmap system to allow users to match changes of image, colour and various effects to the music.

Use the up and down arrow keys to change song, and click the other tabs to find more respacks, which contain different music and/or images.

Adapted from the 0x40 Flash

Web-ified by mon

With help from Kepstin